MARES Test CenterAfter winter preparations during which every minute detail was taken into consideration and in light of its 10th year of activity, Katabasis Freediving Center opens the summer season on the Island of Elba with a new partner of exceptionally high caliber: MARES. Katabasis, teaching center for SSI instructors, besides continuing to offer professional and high quality courses, has become a Mares freediving equipment Test Center.

Under the direction of Carlo Boscia, SSI Freediving Instructor and Trainer, Katabasis Freediving Center has at its fingertips everything necessary for the promotion of Freediving at whichever level: from the first fascinating dive sessions to training with international champions in the search for performance. All activities neverthless share the same underlying objective, that being the beauty of recreational Freediving, the lastest hurdle in the world of Freediving.

Thanks to our collaboration together with MARES, it is now possibile at the Center to put to the test all of the latest products and equipment from this long-time and prestigious manufacturer of diving equipment. Also, thanks to SSI Freediving didactics, the center offers the possibility of persuing Freediving courses Levels 1, 2, 3 and Instructor Level which is particularly important in order to correctlìy educate people about this fascinating discipline and way of life.

Well-equipped teaching facilities, ample external spaces for relaxation and breathing exercises, technical areas for equipment maintainence and storage, 2 boats which can accomodate a total of 32 freedivers, latest generation underwater SUEX scooters and an extremely useful shuttle service! Nothing has been left to chance at this Italian Center which is today considered a viable alternative to exotic destinations and which offers a service for both singles and groups non stop between March and November.

(see MARES Pure Instinct article)

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