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KATABASIS FREEDIVING AND SAILING offers its students and members freediving and sailing cruises for freedivers and spearfisher. We organize in the Mediterranean and all over the world.

Our preferred destinations are:
– TUSCANY – Elba Island, Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica – (Italy and France)
– SICILY – Egadi Islands – (Italy)
– SARDINIA – Capo Teulada, Island of Carlo Forte -(Italy)
– AZORES ISLANDS – Faial, Pico, S. Jorges

A week or a weekend to practice freediving and spearfishing and why not to learn the basics of running a sailing boat.

The Power of the Wind, the Depth of the Sea

Cruises dedicated to sailors, freedivers and spearfishers; the most complete way to experience the sea, learning the basic techniques of sailing while immersing yourself in a different scenery every day.

The boats used are wide to ensure good stability while the spacious cockpit and easy access to the beach provide the comfort needed to practice activities such as freediving and spearfishing.

Three double cabins for a maximum of 4/5 participants in addition to the skipper, so as to ensure a good ratio of numbers during both educational and recreational activities.

On-board activities

During the cruises it is always possible to take sailing lessons and practice recreational freediving by taking beautiful pictures and films; where conditions permit and following the agreed cruise schedule there is the possibility to practice freediving on the rope.

This is also an excellent opportunity to practice spearfishing, always with a buddy and following the Katabasis Freediving and Sailing principles of selectivity and sustainability. The fish caught should always be cleaned and eaten on board: never kill a fish just for the sake of shooting it!

Take a look at what we do on freediving and sailing cruises – you just have to choose!

Freediving Training Italy


Do you want to be an active part of a sailing boat crew?
With us you have the opportunity to learn! You can always choose between relaxing on board while sailing or participating in the maneuvers.

The sailing lessons will cover the following topics:

  • essential knots
  • basic terminology
  • mooring in port
  • anchoring
  • navigation rules
  • weather interpretation
  • route planning
  • safety and emergency operations.
Freediving Training Italy

All topics of fundamental importance for those who want to understand the art of sailing.

The proposed program will follow the format of the manual “Ragazzi alla Deriva”, written by Carlo Boscia, founder of Katabasis Freediving and Sailing and available for purchase online.

Freediving Training Italy


Constant weight training and free immersion along the rope and lots of recreational Freediving .
If required, a freediving instructor can organize an SSI FREEDIVING course or simply lessons on topics such as equalization, constant buoyancy, falling, breathing and relaxation.

An incredible opportunity to discover the fascination of recreational Freediving  and the observation of fish and marine life!


Deepening the aspects to correctly practice the techniques of waiting, ambush and cave. Always in safety with a partner, respecting the buddy system, the regulations and with great consideration for the environment.

We do not catch prohibited species or undersized fish and we respect marine protected areas. The fish caught is always cleaned, prepared and eaten on board with the cooperation of the entire crew. The necessary time, without haste, for selective and sustainable fishing…
The dream of every spearfisher!

How, where and when to set sail

To participate in a Freediving and Sailing cruise you can:

If you want to know more...


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