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Team Building Katabasis

Team Building meets the Sea.
“Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Why is it useful for companies?

Every team is a collection of individual talents combined together to achieve a common goal.

Fundamental to the inclusion of an individual in a team is the ability to communicate and interact in a positive way with the members of the team.

The first step, therefore, to create the right working conditions within an organization, is to improve as much as possible the communication style, having clear in mind one’s own role and identity.

katabasis TEAM BUILDING sailing

Training methodology

Katabasis Freediving and Sailing proposes a training methodology closely linked to the aquatic environment. The sea, or more generally the water, becomes a decentralized space in which participants experience and confront themselves in situations and in an environment different from the one in which they usually operate.

The training methodology is fundamentally based on:

  • Orientation and learning
  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Action
  • Revision
katabasis TEAM BUILDING freediving

We start from the consideration that each individual has his own experiential baggage, matured through a path of learning, and that therefore the competences that each one possesses are represented by what he has really experienced in the most varied spheres of his existence; hence the conviction that competences and capacity for relationships are absolutely dynamic. Thanks to its symbolic value, the Sea strongly stimulates the propensity to learn and change; the ambitious aim of the project is to create the conditions for participants to have a great opportunity for personal and collective growth.


Team Building is suitable for what is generically defined as a ‘working group’, that means a number of people associated together in a playful or productive activity. In other words, when one person cannot complete a task alone, and a number of individuals are needed to achieve the objective, then a team is needed. The better the cooperation, communication and collaboration between the members, the better the efficiency of the group itself and its productivity.


Katabasis Team Building aims to make the team interact in a new environment, stimulating synergies in order to create motivation and ability to manage variables. This training process favors the development of competencies aiming at the re-use of the method and the transferability of the experience to the working environment.

Using tools such as Freediving and Sailing, we propose an extraordinarily effective training course capable of:

  • Creating a climate of trust and appreciation of specificity
  • Experiencing a system of personal and organizational skills
  • Develop concentration techniques
    Improve individual perception
  • Understand the concept of the work team
  • Refine communication techniques
  • Working on one’s attitude
  • Recognizing leadership
katabasis TEAM BUILDING freediving Carlo Boscia


Starting from the assumption that for the efficiency and performance of a work team it is necessary to develop both the awareness of one’s self (limits and potential) and the sense of belonging to the group, Katabasis uses two tools that are both technical and symbolic:


It has always been considered a propedeutic activity to the inner descent; the path is stimulated through the education of listening to the body, the elaboration of physical and mental sensations, the awareness and control of emotions. An innovative and ancestral tool to develop the ability to positively and consciously manage stress and tensions both at work and in the personal sphere.

Areas of study:

  • Breathing, source of energy and balancing element between body and mind
  • Relaxation for managing and living with stressful elements
  • Concentration, essential for achieving any objective
Freediving Italy Tuscany


From the expression “We are all in the same boat” to corporate training!
The sailing boat in all educational and training processes is defined as a “social accelerator” where everything happens faster and where it is necessary to look for and recognise precisely the roles to be played and the tasks to be performed. Only the active interaction of the individual with the boat and the crew makes it possible to achieve a common goal.

Similarities with life in a company:

  • Crew as corporate team
  • Skipper as team leader
  • Route as corporate strategy
  • Destination as objective
  • Open sea as market
  • Wind as opportunity or risk
  • Regatta as competition in the market
katabasis TEAM BUILDING sailing open sea

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