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How we teach freediving

Despite the fact that the history of this sport originates from record attempts and therefore from the extreme search for depth, for us, freediving today is something else: an activity oriented towards psycho-physical well-being that can be practiced by adults and children in close relationship with the sea element.

Katabasis Freediving and Sailing is constantly striving to create a professional and fun environment by guiding its students towards the gradual discovery of their own underwater skills, simply by using their senses, which are often forgotten in everyday life.

In all freediving courses we practice descents along the cable, which are essential for developing technique, and ample space is given to the practice of sensory and recreational freediving with particular attention to knowledge and active respect for the delicate marine environment.

Participation in the courses includes a certificate of participation from Katabasis Freediving and Sailing or, on request and on reaching the standards, the international SSI Freediving certification.

Breathing, relaxation and stretching will accompany you on this incredible journey towards a better lifestyle!

Cerboli Katabasis Snorkeling Tuscany

Levels and certifications


  • 2 sessions of 3 hours (theory + sea)
  • Maximum depth 5 metres

€ 150 + € 25 for SSI Freediving certification if required

The gateway to getting to know the most important aspects of freediving. Enrolling in this freediving course is the best way to approach the sport in a simple and gradual way, with no preconceptions about times or depths, but only with the enthusiasm of discovery and the security of having an experienced instructor always by your side. Children can join from 10 years old, adults up to 100 years old!

1° level

  • 2 sessions of 3 hours (theory + confined water)
  • 2 sessions of 3 hours (theory + open water)
  • Maximum depth 20 metres

€ 250 + € 50 for SSI Freediving certification if required

1° level Freediving  course is the first real step towards modern Apnea. Sessions are offered to learn about diaphragmatic breathing as well as an introduction to physical and mental relaxation. An opportunity to practice basic equalization techniques and learn about the basic rules of safety when practising freediving. Ample space is given to recreational freediving and knowledge of the marine environment.

2° level

  • 4 sessions of 3 hours (4 open water + 4 theories)
  • 2 sessions of 1.5 hours (confined water)
  • Maximum depth 30 metres

€ 290 + € 35 for SSI certification if required

2° level freediving course provides additional knowledge for the practice of diving. Equalization is proposed in more depth, addressing the different techniques of descent along the cable, such as constant weight and free immersion. A course to develop greater awareness without ever losing sight of the fun.

Cerboli Katabasis Snorkeling Tuscany

3° level

  • 4 sessions of 3 hours (theory + open water)
  • 3 sessions of 1.5 hours (open/confined water)
  • Maximum depth 40 metres

€ 340 + € 35 for SSI certification if required

The 3° level freediving course will take you on a journey of discovery of deep freediving. Deep equalization (reverse carp and hints on mouth fill), correct free fall, insights into constant weight and free immersion, rescue, use of the lanyard and much more. All the descent techniques are practiced in such a way as to reach the depths in full comfort, without ever forcing and always remaining in maximum safety. Important insights are also offered on relaxation and breathing techniques, which are fundamental for mental preparation. A course suitable for those who want to prepare for competition or venture towards the path of the instructor in a gradual and progressive way.

Course registration includes

With certificate of attendance KATABASIS

  • Teaching  printed material
  • Theory sessions, breathing and relaxation
  • Sea sessions
  • Confined water sessions
  • Rental of MARES equipment at 50% of the cost
  • Minimum 2 maximum 4 participants
  • Certificate of attendance

With SSI Freediving certification in addition to the above

  • Digital training material (book, log book, video)
  • International certification in PDF format if standards are met

What is required

  • Membership card valid for the current year (€ 15)
  • Medical certificate of good health for 1st and 2° level
  • Sports medical certificate for freediving  activity for 3° level

Where, how and when

Would you like to book or organize your freediving course?

SSI Freediving Specialty

Aimed at SSI Freediving certified students or those coming from another recognized didactic, to explore different aspects of freediving.

REACHT RIGHT - First aid and oxigen

1 sessione a secco di circa 7 ore di lezione, React Right è un corso fortemente consigliato ed indispensabile per l’addestramento alle emergenze subacquee che comprende i seguenti argomenti: valutazione primaria, first aid & BLS, tecniche di stabilizzazione primaria e somministrazione dell’ossigeno. Utile anche in ambiti diversi dall’Apnea, è obbligatorio per il conseguimento del brevetto Istruttore SSI Freediving
Rilascio di brevetto SSI

€ 230


2 sessions of 3 hours including theory and sea sessions to learn a technique widely used both in teaching and in the practice of equalization skills.

€ 150 + € 25 SSI Freediving certification if required


3 sessions of 3 hours including theory and sea sessions to perfect the most radical speciality of freediving, learning to make the most of hydrodynamics and synchronized movements.

€ 150 + € 25 SSI Freediving certification if required


2 sessions of 3 hours including theory and sea sessions to improve their personal performance. This program provides the skills necessary to plan and conduct a session using freediving training tables in order to improve freediving times and increase tolerance to higher levels of CO2.

€ 150 + € 25 SSI Freediving certification if required

If you (don't) want to be breathless

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