Amici VIP

William Trubridge

Several times the world champion of Constant No Fins and Free Immersion, he is a great friend of Katabasis, he held at the Katabasis Freediving Center several seminars on the underwater frog and training techniques.

What makes apnea special is its diversity compared to any other sport, “he explains.” Being completely immersed in something liquid; only one breath, the absence of weight, the silence, the faded colours … everything is less. These are perceptions that are totally different from those experienced in the air element. When I’m underwater it’s like the ocean welcomes me.

Federico Mana

Great Italian freediver, several times record holder in different disciplines, specialized in tackling and solving the problems of compensation through internships and particularly effective courses. Since 2009 he has been actively collaborating with Katabasis

The Sea is the only entity that can contain the totality. It welcomes the strengths and weaknesses, without judgment … it does not praise and does not condemn, but constantly remembers who we are, that we are guests and that we are part of an infinite context. The sea is the mirror of the soul, amplifies the beautiful sensations but also the bad ones. The sea is like man, iridescent and turbulent, but also wonderful calm and clear.