The course’s philosophy for experienced freedivers: Introduction

During the course of a freediver is important to define the steps, in which the student can identify and evolve gradually; often the beginning of his freediving career starts from a simple curiosity that leads to the ‘magic’ approach to the water world, which then leads to a primordial stage to a deepening of the various skills that then form the advanced freediver.

We can consider the following topics as key points of the advanced training:

– mouthfill and reverse packing
– breathing and stretching and relax
– bls and oxigen
– descending 40 meters and more with lanyard

Obviously the Sea practice is fundamental and it cannot be relegated to practicing -although it’s intensive- in the pool, and this, together with a preparatory dry-stone training  -effective and targeted- certainly contributes to the final result that should be understood, however, in practicing assiduously in the Sea.

In drawing up programs Katabasis Freediving Center undertakes to provide logistical and teaching support to students, who decide to do something advanced, proposing weeks of intensive training to improve awareness and at the same time the pure enjoyment of each diving.

After this first introduction we begin today with a series of articles investigating these issues to satisfy the curiosity of students and, why not, to stimulate a constructive dialogue among the insiders, i.e. instructors and trainers.

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