Team building meets the Sea
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Each team has a set of combined individual talents together in achieving a common goal. Fundamental for the integration of an individual within a work team, is the ability to communicate and interact in a positive manner with the components of the group itself. The first step, therefore, to create the right working conditions within an organization, is to improve as much as possible the communication style keeping in mind the individuals’ role and identity.

Methodology Training
Katabasis proposes a training methodology closely linked to aquatic environments. The Sea, or more largely the water, becomes a decentralized space in which participants interact and experiment in a different environment and situation from the one in which usually act. The training methodology is based fundamentally on:
– Orientation and Learning
– Awareness
– Communication
– Action
– Reworking
It starts from the principle that each individual carries its own experiential knowledge acquired through a unique learning journey. Therefore, the skills that team element possesses are represented by what has been experienced in the most diverse environments of their life; hence the belief that skills and interpersonal skills are dynamic. Due to its symbolic value, the Sea strongly stimulates the propensity to learning and change; The ambitious aim of the project is to create the conditions to ensure that participants have a great opportunity for personal and collective growth.

Team Building is suitable for what is generally defined as a “working team” or a number of people associated together in a recreational or productive activity. In other words, when a person on its own is not enough to achieve an certain objective, then you need a number of individuals to work towards the goal, then you need a working team. The better the cooperation, communication and collaboration between the components, the better the efficiency of the group itself and its productivity.

Katabasis team work training aims to create an environment where individual in their team interact in a new environment, encouraging synergies in order to create motivation and tag management capabilities. This learning process encourages the development of skills aiming at transferring those new acquired skills in the workplace environment. Using disciplines such as freediving and sailing, we develop an extraordinarily effective training program capable of:
– Create a climate of trust and esteem for the uniqueness
– Experiment with a system of personal and organizational skills
– Develop concentration techniques
– Improving the individual perception
– Understand the concept of Team Work
– Refine the communication techniques
– Working on your attitude
– Recognize the leadership

Assuming that for the efficiency and performance of a work team are necessary to develop in equal manner both the awareness of the self (the limits and potential) as well as the sense of belonging to the group, Katabasis uses two such technical tools as symbolic:
Always considered preparatory activity to the inner descent; the path is stimulated through education to listening to the body, the development of physical and mental sensations, awareness and emotional control. As an innovative ancestral instrument to mature skills to manage in a positive and conscious way both, stress and tension in the working environment and at a personal level.
Areas of study
The breath, a source of energy and balancing element between body and mind.
Relaxation for the management and co-existence with the stressful elements.
The essential concentration for the achievement of any objective.
By the expression “We’re all in the same boat” to get to business education!
The sailing boat in all educational and training processes is called a “social accelerator” where everything happens faster and where you need to try and accurately recognize roles to play and tasks to perform. Only active interaction of the individual with the boat and the crew can reach a common goal.
The similarities with the life on the firm
Crew as a corporate team
Skipper as a team leader
Route as a business strategy
Destination target
Open Seas as an open market
Wind as an opportunity or risk
The regatta as the competition in the market

All programs can be customized according to the needs of individual companies.