A passion that you kept in the drawer to be discovered or an experience to consolidate your baggage of knowledge … Our instructors will accompany you with professionalism always in the name of safety and fun.

Sailing courses on small and cabin degrees; the didactics refer to the manual “Ragazzi, alla Deriva!” published by Mursia, written by the founder and coordinator of the school, Carlo Boscia.

From idea to action … discover what is the course for you !!!!

Basic course
To begin a journey in the sailing world … without being scrapped by a drift
Small cabin cruisers with 4/5 crew members, with the instructor always on board, facing the first rudiments for a navigation that reveals glimpses of great horizons.
To the basic program for learning the sea going (nomenclature, basic maneuvers, rigging and disarming), the catch of the buoy is added for the departure and the arrival from the port, the rudiments for the use of the engine and the notes on the reductions of veiling.
The concept of crew begins to take shape.
Used boats: small cabin cruisers from 6 to 10 meters

Advanced course
The journey continues and the horizons widen more and more … The navigation can now be even more challenging and the proposed maneuvers are becoming more and more interesting: man-overboard, anchorage and signs of the spinnaker. We start talking about managing the boat and the crew; in short, all we need to prepare for a cruise of the real ones.
Used boats: small cabin cruisers from 6 to 15 meters

Offshore Course
Sailing to leave the land behind. The program includes the setting of the route, manual navigation and GPS, interpretation of the weather forecast, management of the galley, crew coordination. Also an opportunity to resume basic maneuvers with challenging weather, anchorages and entrances and exits from ports.