KATABASIS FREEDIVING AND SAILING offers wonderful freediving and sailing cruises for freedivers and spearfishers in the Tuscan archipelago, throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. A week on a weekend to train in apnea or to practice spearfishing and for those who want the opportunity to learn the basics for driving a sailing boat from 10 to 15 meters.

Jagi is the cabin cruiser that we use, a 34 feet (10 meters) of Beneteau’s Oceanis line that has several features brought together in a single solution: streamlined water lines and at the same time an elegant and functional hull. The wide stern gives it stability while the spacious cockpit and easy access to the beach guarantee comfort on deck. A sailboat with high performance but with the space necessary to practice activities such as freediving and spearfishing. Considering its 3 double cabins, it is proposed for a maximum of 4/5 participants as well as the skipper, in order to guarantee a good numerical ratio both during educational and recreational activities.







Do you want to have a sailing experience but you can’t take it a week? Then the weekend formula is the one for you.
Boarding on Friday afternoon at  5 pm from the port of Salivoli on the Tuscan coast and immediately sailing to Elba; two days to practice freediving, train, spearfish and have fun. Disembarkation is scheduled for 5pm.
Individual boarding is possible or the boat can be booked for a group of 4/5 people.

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In addition to being able to always follow sailing lessons, on request it is possible to organize targeted educational activities such as
Freediving course
Freediving Fishing Course
Internship on Compensation
Stage on breathing and relaxation

Are you a group of 4/5 people and do you want to organize a tailor-made sailing weekend?
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Sail between Elba, Capraia and Corsica, in the middle of the marine mammal sanctuary. A week to train on a sailing boat, to practice recreational apnea and to spearfish in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea.
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In addition to being able to always follow sailing lessons on request, it is possible to organize targeted educational activities such as
– Freediving course
– Spearfishing course
– Equalization stage
– Breathing and relaxation stage

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Are you a group of 4/5 people and want to organize a week of sailing and spearfishing according to your needs?
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Constant weight and free immersion training along the rope to practice what you have learned during the winter courses, always followed by an qualified instructor. On demand it will be possible follow a specific mini workshop about the equalization, constant weight and how to free fall properly. There will be also a nice time to practice breathing and relaxing exercise

During the cruise participants will learn first of all to be a part of a crew of a sailing boat. You can always choose between lazing during browsing, or partake in the maneuvers.
Sailing lessons will focus on a) nodes essential knots b) knowledge of the basic terminology, c) mooring in port d)anchoring) Navigation Rules f) interpretation of the weather forecast g) the route planning h) safety and emergency operations . All these issues are of paramount importance for those who want to approach the world of sailing.

An opportunity to practice spearfishing techniques as waiting, ambush and the spearfishing in the hole, always in safety with a partner respecting the couple system and with great consideration for the environment, avoiding prohibited species or undersized fish and respecting protected marine areas. The fish caught, obviously will be cleaned, prepared and consumed on board with the collaboration of the whole crew. The dream of every spearfisher!

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