KATABASIS FREEDIVING – offers a wonderful sailing cruises for freedivers and spearfhishers in all of the Mediterranean sea. A week to freedive, spearfish and at the same time discover the beautiful backdrops and learn the basics for conducting a sailboat of 15 meters. All in the wonderful aquatic scenery.

crociere vela apnea katabasis freediving apnea
crociere vela apnea katabasis freediving apnea


Constant weight and free immersion training along the rope to practice what you have learned during the winter courses, always followed by a qualified instructor. On demand it will be possible to follow a specific mini workshop about the equalization, constant weight and how to free fall properly. There will be also a nice time to practice breathing and relaxing exercise

Allenamenti in assetto costante e free immersion lungo il cavo per praticare quanto appreso durante i corsi invernali, costantemente seguiti da un istruttore qualificato. Su richiesta opzionale sarà possibile seguire mini stage su temi quali: la compensazione, le fasi dell’assetto costante e sulla caduta. Non mancheranno occasioni, ormeggiati in rada, per dedicarsi agli esercizi di respirazione e rilassamento.

During the cruise participants will learn first of all to be a part of a crew of a sailing boat. You can always choose between lazing during browsing, or partake in the manoeuvres.
Sailing lessons will focus on a) nodes essential knots b) knowledge of the basic terminology, c) mooring in port d) anchoring) e) Navigation Rules f) interpretation of the weather forecast g) the route planning h) safety and emergency operations . All these issues are of paramount importance for those who want to approach the world of sailing.

SpearfIshing in the scenarios that have always characterized the dreams of the spearfisher, but always respecting the buddy system and staying in close relationship with the environment, avoiding the prohibited species or catching undersized fish and respecting the marine protected areas. The fish caught will be cleaned, prepared and consumed on board with the collaboration of the entire crew. A celebration of the Sea to be lived above and below the waves

pesca in apnea katabasis freediving

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