Skipper with thirty years of experience and many miles to the assets, Carlo Boscia makes transfers of sailboats in safety mainly throughout the Mediterranean.

Depending on the sailing conditions, the time of year and the type of boat, a navigation strategy is decided, in pairs, if necessary for safety reasons but also individually as part of your crew.

Before a transfer, the boat’s status is verified by checking the boat and checking the condition of the sails, the engine takes the safety equipment.

The bureaucratic part is also examined as the verification of the insurance policy suitable for the transfer and the on-board documentation in order.

For navigations up to 150 Miles
5 euros for Mile

For navigations between 150 and 700 Miles
3 euros per mile

• Travel expenses for skippers to reach the port of departure and to return.
• Boat oil, galley and port charges.
The transfer can also be a good opportunity for a shipowner to learn more about his boat and deepen the sailing technique.