New opportunities for the Freediving World from Düsseldorf

“Nevermore just cable’ seems to be the Freediving slogan that is found at the beginning of 2014 to collect more and more successful and even spread among environments, which until yesterday seemed unthinkable. The first step in this direction has already been made years ago with an emphasis on relaxation and breathing, but the demands of the ‘Freediving people’ appear to go over and the desire for innovation and the ability for anyone to try new experiences and sensations are infecting lovers of those who may be grouped in the philosophy of the ‘in one breath’.





Undisputed actors of this evolution are the underwater photography with action cam more and more versatile, the recreational Freediving on walls that precipitous descend into the blue and underwater scooters for changes to the limit of imagination. Interesting in this regard some models that seem to interpret the Freediving needs in terms of agility and autonomy, which are essential for Freediving.






Everything simultaneously, but not necessarily, the ability to go deep using evolved compensation techniques , advanced materials for fins and Freediving suits and masks with a volume ratio and visual increasingly optimized.






From ‘Boot’, the Düsseldorf Show, the protagonist of the European and World scuba diving and Freediving the message is loud and clear. Doing Freediving in a funny way, always with great professionalism and safety together with new specialties suitable for more and more a greater number of people

Carlo Boscia

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