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Talking about teaching in the world of freediving sometimes arouses tensions and bad moods … It reminds me a little quarrels among those who, while sharing the same sea detest anyone who does not enjoy the same activity. It’s easy to hear indeed speaking badly about the “bombolari” (‘scuba divers’) because they don’t do any sport, but they merely passively watch, who in turn respond that they hate spearfishers plundering in the same seas worse than the bottom trawl nets and finally also the pure freedivers are considered by the seasoned fishermen just beings dedicated to passive meditation …what an unnecessary war, also called the poors’ war!

This little introduction to land to the world of freediving teaching; FIPSAS, AIDA, ANS, APNEA ACADEMY, PSS. FII and more … there is often a sort of contempt as if each had the secret to hold your breath at the expense of others who are nothing more than sellers of patents.
We, KATABASIS FREEDIVING CENTER,  we already have passed this rock!
In our center, indeed coexist SSI instructors, FIPSAS, APNEA ACADEMY and AIDA, peacefully, in a spirit of mutual improvement, collaboration and opportunity for all students who attend our center … and the results are good. In our freediving courses it’s not appropriate to denigrate those who do our work, even if competitor, because it’s something that hurts us all first. With our students is always appropriate to suggest experiences with other centers, to facilitate comparison and consequently growth, without jealousies and foibles like a spoiled lady.
If someone had not yet clear, the freediving world is a niche and as such it must be recognized and appreciated in its totality knowing also that now it’s not the teaching that makes the difference, but it’s the man / instructor with his curiosity and desire to improve himself. This then inevitably falls on the top and our ultimate goal: the student!

In the above pic the KATABASIS FREEDIVING CENTER 2014’s staff, from the left:

Bjorn Brand: AIDA – SSI Freediving Instructor
Carlo Boscia: SSI Trainer – FIPSAS Spearfishing Instructor
Alessio Giubilo: Apnea Academy – SSI Freediving Instructor

Author: Carlo Boscia

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