KATABASIS FREEDIVING and SAILING sports association organizes summer camps in collaboration with MARES for children aged 10 to 17; the activities carried out in full respect of the environment and the principles of collaboration and mutual solidarity, lead the children to live an extraordinary experience.

Proposed activities:

School of Sub-Aquatic and Freediving
From its tested experience KATABASIS FREEDIVING and SAILING offers a program of approach to the wonderful underwater world.
Always in maximum safety, the boys are accompanied to rediscover their body and mind during the activities in and out of the sea. From play to relaxation, from the breathing control to the recognition of fish, everything is planned to stimulate their aquatic spirit within.

Corso apnea SSI Freediving per bambini

Walks and trekking on the Portofino mountain
The mountain of Portofino offers a scenario particularly rich in varieties of flora and fauna. Coasts overlooking the sea with breathtaking scenery and hidden beaches are the natural destinations of our excursions where the kids can, walking in the green, taste the colours and the scents of the fabulous nature of the Mediterranean scrub.

campi estivi apnea katabasis freediving

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